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According to Mk. 16;15 ‘go into all the world and preach the good news to all creature, this is a clear message to all, there god tell us exactly what to do and where to go and in Mt. 28:19-20 ‘go therefore and make disciple of all nations, baptizing them…teaching them to observe….i am with you always to the close of the age, also in Matthew he is opening our eyes to the command in the assignment, what we must do, where to go and his personal support for the assignment.

Since we know we are call into the ministry of reaching out for him, we prayerfully come out with these eight arm of our ministry.

·      INTERNET PREACHER-we call it “Eleventh Hour Trumpeter”, this forum give us access to our personal evangelism without any religious or parental barrier, through this we are able to reach out to the unreached outside our Continent, especially in countries like Communist, Islamic and Buddhist nations, many souls had been led to Christ, backsliders have turn back to their creator and now doing exploit for the kingdom, many broken home have been restored and many sick people can share their healing testimony , we link our convert with brethren that can be sending them materials for their growth and we frequently mail them and even call them. We are trusting God for equipping our office with more computer and correct internet connection (24 hrs) for effective in this mission field

·      WORLD MISSION-we are so concern for the unreached especially in the remote places, we are trying to use all means to reach them even in their farm, we have been to many villages (Like Olumogede village, Eriwo village, Erilidon Village, Ogedengbe village, Erape village, Oke Eiri village, Olwa-Ajebo village, Ife-Odan, Ijurin-Ekiti, Oke-igbo and many more)  we enter some with Jesus film while others with crusade, see how God is proving himself in all our outreach and people sometime village head is weeping for their salvation of their soul!  did you know that is talking to me about some places in Ghana and in Asia Continent? Did you know that the highest percentage of the unreached are in village (from our researches)  some of the problem we are facing is that some of this villages are un-churched they were now asking for fellowship center that we canot meet now due to financial aspect of the building of the center and sponsoring a minister to be handle the center since I can not be in all places at a time buy those village that have churches we handover the new converts to their hand. We are now rusting God for our own Bus and new speaking systems material for those we are using are not strong as before for the effective of the work

·      CHURCH PLANTERS- we believe that we have to plan to be feeding our convert after they have give their life to Christ in our programme, that is why our paul is arranging for Timothy that will be feeding the flock of God.

·      MISSION TO SCHOOL-we use this stratey to catch them young, where their religion or parent cant know  and the Lord is helping us here also many herbalist , muslim children and street boys and girls, have give their life to Jesus and the enermy’s vail is removed from them! Praise God. We go from one school to the other and also give them some material free and encourage the orphan among them that its not over, Many later call us, send us a message about their new experiences in Jesus. We need your prayer also in this area

·      GOSPEL CAMPAIGN- “we have will of life for his business” we go all about holding crusade and vigil to preach the real word, heal the sick, set those in bondage free in Jesus name. we are also trusting god for more instruments . we welcome any evangelist all over the world that can join us here in this area, many are oppressed by devil and they are ready to yield to God1 if you have a calling to come to Nigeria, we will be glad, harvest is ripe more labourers are needed. mail me and let discuss it together we will host you.

·      PUBLICATION-Books that God has led me to write are ready for printing, we are now trusting god for funds for this, it will be be giving out fro free for brethren, expecially new convert’s growth

·      UNDERPRIVILEDGED- we also goes to sick people in the hospital, inmate in prison, lepers in their camp, encourage them, show them way to heaven, pray with them and give them some of the material the may need and sometimes we go to lepers colony with clothes, foods and other daily need. We need your prayer and support here, so that we can get these people for Jesus.

·      TELEVISION AND RADIO PROGRAMME- we can still reach many through this means also, all we are thinking is using all that God gave us for him back, what we believe is that what ever He gave us we will give account of, money, leg, voice, influence, connection, education etc. we are believing that this one also we start before the end of this year, we have a little time, lets come together and do our master’s work, He will soon come, He say I will do the work of He that calleth me when it’s day for night come when no one will be able to work again,….am coming soon recompesate individual according to his deed.